Craftsman Router Table Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

If you are a beginner in the woodworking field, then Craftsman router table is for you. It is very easy to use and is specially designed for beginners. In this article Craftsman Router Table Reviews – Experts View, we will discuss the Craftsman router tables.

This is all in one router table that can perform various tasks like cutting, edging and designing. This does not contain tools to perform advanced tasks. So we don’t count it in the list of our best router table and it is not even recommended for the professional as it lacks many advanced tools.

Craftsman Router Table Reviews of 2019

It contains fence, collet, wrench and other accessories like a dust collector. It also allows height adjustments with the help of micro-fine fence adjustments. You can use this router table with all kinds of routers. In the further section of this article, let’s discuss the components and other key features of the router table.

Craftsman Router Table Review

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Key Components in Craftsman Router Table:-

You can use any kind of router with this router table very easily. It consists of strong materials that make it durable enough to work for many years. This is specially designed for beginners for doing small projects. Following are some of the key components of this table:-

It has 9.5 amp powerful router that is capable enough to run at 27,000 RPM. This will help you to cut through the hardwood accurately.
Adjustable fence
Fences of the table consist of heavy duty aluminum that helps for easy adjustments. This fence can also act as a vertical jointer to increase the workspace.
Dust collection port
This port helps to remove any kind of dust from the machine. So, you will have a clean area on your router table.


This is a powerful router table that gives you everything from cutting to trimming and designing. The table’s size is large enough to provide you the large area for working. Following are pros of this table:-

You have a micro-fine level for depth adjustments for accurate and precise results. Also, the miter gauge adjusts at 60 degrees that work precisely.
Large space area
The table provides 334 square inches of area to easily work with large pieces. Craftsman Router table will also help you to easily slide the objects over the surface.

With the help of the adjustable fences, it becomes easy to use this router table without any difficulty. Also, with this, you can use a wide range of bits in this router table.

Like other router tables, this router table is versatile and can work with any kind of routers.

Craftsman Router Tables Weaknesses



Craftsman router table is not built with the strong materials that can be the only drawback of the table. The legs and other parts like knobs and tabs are made of plastic. These parts are more prone to damage and breakage. So, there is a risk that the table might not work for a couple of years.

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Is there any better option than Craftsman Router Table?

As there are very fewer tools in the machine, so the professional workers will find it difficult to use. It is specially designed for beginners, we would not recommend this table. If you are a beginner and working in a small workspace area, then you can use this router table.

Craftsman router table is still an affordable choice who just wants to start into this field. It helps to cut the wood precisely and accurate. Though it will not be helpful in doing advanced tasks, this is a good choice for beginner and intermediate workers.

Benefits of a router table

There is a huge number of benefits of using the router table for your woodworking project. Here are some of the benefits of using the router table for your home or industrial work.

  • The router table provides better stability while routing the heavy materials. It provides an effective cutting or shaping the wooden articles without any difficulty. By keeping the work area stable, you can complete your work in a very less time.
  • This kind of tool allows you with the better precision of cutting and depth. It becomes easy for you to cut or shape the wood with the help of the router table.
  • Furthermore, it enhances your focus on using the router with both hands. When you are using the router table, then you just have to focus on the router for better precision.

Therefore, the router tables are very effective in enhancing your woodworking experience and taking it to next level. It provides you with the better precision and results in a very less time. Also, the router tables are easy and safe to use avoiding any kind of injury while routing or cutting.

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Things to consider while buying a Craftsman router table

The router table is one of those effective tools that are very helpful for the woodworkers. If you are going to purchase a router table for your woodworking project, then there are some factors to consider. Below is the list of the things that you must consider before buying any type of router table.

  • Powerful and a flat surface
    • Obviously, the surface of the router table should be the top priority while buying a router table. The surface of the table should be flat and powerful that can easily withstand a large amount of pressure. You can consider buying the router table that consists of the MDF top surface.
  • Easily adjustable fence
    • This is another important thing to look in a router table. The fence of the router table should be easily adjustable as it can save a lot of time while working on your project. There are types of fences available that are a one-piece and two-pieces fence. The selection of the fence based on what type of project you are going to handle.
  • Dust collector
    • While working on the project, the router table produces a large amount of dust. So, in order to keep the table clean from the dust, there should a decent dust collector. This will help you in a better visibility while working and it will also prevent from dust allergy.
  • Strong base
    • The base of any machine should be powerful that will keep the machine stable. This is because a large amount of pressure is applied to the base while routing. So, make sure to consider the sturdy base while making the final purchase of the router table.
  • Compatibility with routers
    • If the router table is compatible with a wide range of routers, then you can use it for any project. So, the router table should be able to work and compatible with many routers.

Also, make sure that you buy the router table that offers all necessary features in an affordable price range. And the machine should provide limited years of warranty on its manufacturing parts. After considering the above factors you can definitely choose one of the best routing tables for your need.

Make sure you focus on the quality of the router table as it will help in increasing the performance of the machine. Now that, you have purchased the router table that is best suitable for your woodworking project.  Do tell us your experience of using the router table.

With this, we would like to conclude this article on Craftsman Router Table Reviews. If you have any query concerning this subject, then feel free to contact us at Router Table. Furthermore, don’t forget to give your feedback and thoughts. Thank you.