4 Kreg Router Table Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

Kreg Router Tables are well known for built quality and quick Set-Up. While most of the tables come with the heavy-duty steel material, using which you can get any amount of workload on the Router Table.

So one fine day, we decided to look out for the Kreg products and found that almost all their products are same on the features and functions.

Then how to choose the right one for your woodie project?

The basic parameters to consider – cost, features, performance. Based on these three factors, you can get half of the job done. Read the complete review to get in-detail product description.

Kreg Router Table Reviews – Our Top Picks

Router Table is a stationary wood cutting machine on which a vertical spindle of the wood cutting router is set up. These machines run at speed ranging from 3000 to 24000 rpm. You will find a vertical fence on this that guides the workpiece, and thus you could make smooth horizontal cuts on the wood easily.

There are three different variations of systems when we talk about a Best Router Table. These include – the floor standing machine, compact bench-top system, and the final one is the accessories bolted into table saws.

Kreg Router Table is one of the popular names, and today we will list out the best deals you can make under this brand category.

#1 Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

We have the fully enclosed router table which comes with the aluminum fencing on it. Another highlight of this machine is the precision at which it performs. There is this dust collection setting too which can come handy and useful to you, for segregating all the wastes coming out of the system.

Coming to the top of the table, they are MDF made and is capable of absorbing all kinds of vibration and noise present in the surrounding. Sliding is found to be easy, with the micro-dot designing is also included in the Kreg Router Table.  You will find a thick phenolic coating that goes with almost all the Router tables. We will begin with the specifications on here and then proceed with the features.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

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  • Self-squaring fence with the T square shape, one of the cool features of this Kreg PRS1040 model.
  • Here the edge-banded top comes with the MDF feature. It can absorb sound as well as all kind of vibration found on the Router Table.
  • Stainless-steel made stand included with the main table. The stand can be adjusted between 31 and 36 inches by height.
  • Extend the mobility of the router table by adding the dual-locking casters, at any point of usage.
  • Lens cursor offers high accuracy so that you won’t need a tape or pencil for any markings.
  • Here the individual fence faces allow the table to be transformed into a vertical jointer.


Some of the key elements of the Kreg PRS1040 model are explained below.

Get the Work Done Faster!

Only a serious woodworker understands the importance of having a quality router table. With this Kreg PRS1040, you can get any woodwork done faster than you could imagine! So, be the work is just giving a finishing touch to the woodwork, or you are planning to create a set of panel doors. All kinds of work can be done at a faster rate.

Precise Insert Plate

You will get a one insert plate along with the router table, for getting the perfect fit. You can replace the usual ‘swiss cheese’ type of surface that is found in most of the router tables. Well, this insert plate helps in getting the perfect fit and getting the work done effectively.

It is difficult to choose the Best Plunge Router, for this you can check out our top picks and make a quick selection!

Flexible Steel Stand

This Kreg Precision Router Table rests on the steel built stand which is also manufactured by Kreg itself. You will find the same base on the popular Klamp table. It is adjustable, with the height range of 31-36 inches. These have been built using high-quality steel, and you can even add the locking caster for better mobility.

Rugged MDF Table Top

Here the Kreg router table comes with the MDF table top. They are the best in absorbing all the vibrations and the noise that you will experience while performing the routing work. These are built to stand strong against all kinds of impacts. They come along with two steel struts that prevent any bending, which adds to the overall flexibility of the router table.

Conclusion: Kreg PRS1040

Users have found it to be a great budget-friendly product, considering the features and functions provided. When we talk about router table, they must be good in built quality.

All your wood router works highly depends on the quality of the router table you are using. A few user mentioned about the table having a dip in the center portion. If you found any such dip, then get in touch with the technical team, and get it solved.

#2 Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

PRS2100 model by the Kreg offers the features of heavy duty, industrial router table. One of the basic qualities you will find with this machine is its versatility. You can set this up for any project or at a job site, and they can even go well for personal use at home. Easy to handle, this Benchtop Router Table provides the perfect routing solution for all kinds of purpose.

Checking the features, it comes in a compact package with all the functions found in an ideal industrial system. They also provide the insert plate for support and consistent routing.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

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  • The model number of this Kreg Router Table is given as PRS2100.
  • Insert plate included with this Kreg Benchtop Router Table provides the right support while working with big router machines.
  • You will also find the three Level-Loc rings that come along with the Router table. You can also purchase a set of 5 Level-Loc rings, which are sold separately.
  • The insert plate which comes along with this router table also features the plate levelers for additional precision.
  • MDF tabletop with the Easy Slide surface quality.
  • It is a redesigned Kreg Model, and thus you will get the industrial grade fencing done on this.
  • For the best vibration and sound absorption, you will get the 16 x 24 inches table top of the MDF quality.


All the main features that add up to make this Kreg PRS2100 Benchtop Router Table are given as follows:

The MDF Top

Edge-banded sound absorbing quality table top is present in this router table. They even help with making the overall working noise-resistant – all these features come along with the additional router support. How cool is that?

Fully featured fence

You will find a high-quality aluminum fence with the quarter adjusting locking levers for easy adjustments. They are easy to use and remain out of the sight while you are working with it. Usually, these locking levers are placed behind the fence. Thus your main working is not affected or disturbed.

Other than this, the fence also features some independent sliding surface that adds to the overall workpiece support on the Router Table.

Less Noisy Operation

This is made possible by the MDF table top. This tabletop material helps with absorbing a quality amount of sound, while the rubber feet added in here also helps with dampening all the other vibrations. Therefore, sound and vibrations remain in control – thus giving you a peaceful Routing time.

Insert Plate for additional support

The insert plates offer an incredible support, making all the major routing tasks look simple and less complex. You will also find the Level-Loc rings in here that helps with rightly setting up the surface plate with the flush component. You will find three such Loc rings in here.

Conclusion – Kreg PRS2100

There are a variety of reviews received for this Kreg Benchtop Router Table. It is found to be pretty good, only that some of the users found the installation hard. The instructions on the manual could be easier on the language, as per the user reviews. Good quality built, and the design has been appreciated by many of the users.

#3 Kreg PRS1045 Router Table with PRS3090 Caster, PRS3020 True-Flex – Combination Set

We have a unique combination set available on the Amazon for purchase. This is a multi-purpose router table that combines many additional components. We can also call it as a hybrid version of the Kreg PRS1045 table, as they have included components like caster, true-flex, set-up bars, etc. of other Kreg models.

One of the major qualities of this product is that – it is a system with all the best machinery parts. Thus giving the best in performance and efficiency routing.

Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table

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  • One of the best parts of all is the Factory Warranty included with this router table.
  • You will get the self-squaring fence along with this Kreg Router Table.
  • Heavy-duty material used in the making, which are also customizable ones. So you can set most of the features in the way you want.
  • Precision Insert Plate included for better routing accuracy.
  • Here the leg is adjustable so that you can set the table’s height as per your convenience.
  • Take all your home routing work arts to a next level with the Kreg PRS1045 model.


You will find all the basic functions on this, but with the inclusion of a variety of components on one model – the final product is way more amazing than you imagine!

All the key elements that are must check on this Kreg PRS1045 Combination Router Table are given below:

In-built Dust Collector

With the dustbin port, you can ease out the cleaning task, and collect all the wood chips which come out on performing routing. The sliding fence is an independent one, so you can set it up the way you want and get the job done conveniently.

User adjustable Steel Stand

This is the next cool feature included in the router table, which make the routing experience smooth for you. Built with heavy gauge steel, it can be adjusted from 31 inches to 39 inches by height. So you can set the height that is preferably one for you.


Well, such a combination or as we called it the hybrid style router table gives you the idea of customization. That is one of the good qualities of such router tables. You can make use of different brand elements, and create a wonderful router table. In this way, you can make the routine interesting and fun!

The Ultimate Versatile Router Table

As we combine the different Kreg components on one, you ought to get the Best in Versatile options. Along with this, they combine the adjustability for better user experience.

Conclusion – Kreg PRS1045

A bit costly comparing the other Kreg router tables, still, if you are a lover of Customization then you can try out this system. Here you will get all the official Kreg components in a combined form; it is very rare that a brand is providing such offers for consumers. A worthy purchase!

#4 Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System

Kreg PRS1045 is available as a single system; you can go with this option if you don’t want to have any customization like the one seen on the previous machine. It includes the self-squaring fence of the T-shaped one, also supports Multi-purpose quality. We will find out more about this router table system.Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System

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  • You can get the fencing done smoothly with the T-square self-squaring support.
  • With the T-square fencing, you can make small adjustments with the routing. This rightly helps for all the beginners out there, who are on the routing for the first time.
  • There is one adjustable steel stand, using which you can set it to the required height.
  • Pretty versatile, you can perform different wood cutting works on this single routing table.


It is important to do a detailed study on the features, as they are the ones which decide the worth of the machine. As many quality features make it more recommended. Let’s find the features included in this Kreg PRS1045 router table.


With the 24 x 32 inches workspace, you will get a spacious tabletop. This comes as a great help while you are dealing with the large workpiece. They are also found to be durable so that you can work on it for a quality time.

T-square Fence

The fencing is used for adding some support on routing. With the unique T-square fence, you can perform auto fencing and even make small wood adjustments quickly. Because of the sturdy aluminum built, you can make try out big stock of woodwork on this Kreg router table.

Router with the Dust Collector

These are the compact dust collector ports which are added along to the main Router table unit. This port collects all the wood dust, and later you can vacuum it up. Maintenance made easier!

Conclusion – Kreg PRS1045

All in all, it is a Wow system considering all the functions. Many users have loved using it for the ease of handling and installation. The heavy built of the tabletop makes the router table last long for you. The only issue found so far, is the cost! You can’t easily afford this one, still, they come at a deserving price.

If you are new to routing, then get a professional or an experienced friend of yours for all those initial uses. It will help you out with making the work more fun and exciting.

There you go! Did you enjoy reading our Kreg Router Table Reviews? We believe that you found this piece of information useful, and you had fun reading this. You can share your viewpoints and make your additions to our content by commenting them below.

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