15 Best Router Table Reviews of 2019 – Our Top Picks

Best Router Tables Reviews: Precision or budget router table, we have reviewed 15 top router tables about the best in each category versatile enough to suit your suitability matrix!

Which router table to buy? The one with a flat top or solid top or a rigid base plate or a stable base? After reviewing a huge number of machines, we have zeroed in on 5 of the best ones based on various specifications useful for everyone without burning a big hole in the pocket!

Our top most pick in terms of accuracy though a little expensive would be KREG PRS 1040 PRECISION ROUTER TABLE.

However, if you are someone on the lookout for an affordable one, you can choose the BOSCH RA1181 Bench Top.

Best Router Tables
for Professional Woodworkers and Specialists

On the lookout for some robust, accurate, perfect tables good enough to build big complexes? Bang on! We have the two best tables for all you serious workers.

1. Kreg PRS 2100 Precision– The best we’ve reviewed so far.It’s designed to perfection. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this table is the best one could ask for.

2. BenchDog 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron– The Bulkiest and sturdiest of all, this one is made of cast iron and most well-built router table.

Best Router Table for Amateurs and Novices:

Are you a beginner with woodwork? In that case, we have just the right ones for you without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop – Its high quality and the great features all within a budget makes it the best one to choose from.

2. Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop  – A compact and portable router table that is suitable for a novice. It hardly takes any time to assemble and is easy to understand.


There are many key elements that need to be given utmost importance while looking for a router table. The main ones among those would be:

  • Precision and Flexibility – These are the two most important factors that have to be considered while looking for a router table as wood cutting is all about accuracy.
  • Work space and fencing– We need to look for tables that provide us enough surface space and fencing that enables us to work with different dimensions of wood.
  • Compatibility – And now comes the main one. Will the table be suitable for the existing router is something that has to be kept in mind while purchasing it. No point in buying a table and it is incompatible with the current router!

Best Router Table Reviews of 2019

Based on the key elements, we have picked 5 of the best router tables available in the market.

1. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

This is one of the best routing table available in the market and is the best choice for professionals. The best thing about this table is that it is compatible with most of the routers. So, you will not face any difficulty while changing because of its vast compatibility options.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

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Bosch RA1181 comes with top specifications that also includes an outlet switch for plugging another tool into the table. It has MDF face plates that consist of aluminum fence. The router mounting plate is also aluminum and has two feather boards. It has a work surface area of 27″ * 18″ which is enough for professional workers.

It also has a 6-foot cord that allows you to plug in more places and use that around your workshop. This router table is boosted with the dust collector along with dual outlet. So, you can easily set up the table in few minutes only.

Things We Liked
  • Following are some of the things we liked about the product:-
  • There are many pros of Bosch RA1181 that will surely help you to choose this product.
  • It is very easy to adjust the plates and the sturdy fence.
  • The plates used are easily adjustable and also they are strong and solid.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It may not be helpful for precision cuts.
  • Also, the legs are made up of plastic.

Also, this router table comes with one year of Bosch warranty that helps you to repair and exchange the parts easily within a span of a year. In short, it is worth the amount you pay and is one of the best choices in the market.

2. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

It is the great choice if you don’t want to spend much in wooden routing machines. It comes with professional features and has the best build up version. You can use this tool for different purposes because of its versatility.

Dual slot fence configuration is provided in this machines. This feature allows you to use the table from either side and you won’t have any space related issue. Therefore, it also suitable for small workshops. It also has the T-slot that helps to store the necessary accessories.

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

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T-slot is the popular feature in it that helps to secure the accessories. So we can say that the design is compact and simple that also best fits the small workshops. This tool is also durable that will last long without any damages.

Things We Liked
  • It is very easy to level the plate.
  • It comes with the default dust collector.
  • Fences used are easily adjustable and durable.
  • There is no vibration because of strongly built fences.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Bench dog 40-102 ProMax is too heavy, so one can face difficulty to move it.
  • It is quite noisy.
  • The assembling task is also difficult in this type of system.

This is best in its performance and while working no vibration can be felt because of its strong fences. Also, the dust collection feature is also effective to remove the excessive dust. Kudos to its lifetime warranty feature that is the top feature of this tool.

In short, Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension is an excellent choice. It is suitable for both large and small workshops. Although it is bit noisy and takes the time to assemble, it is a  good option.

3. Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

This is also one of the best routing tables because of its solid cabinet. The table surface area of this machine is 22″ * 16″ which is standard for woodworking. One thing you will love about this table is that it comes with the option of minimal noise and dust collection mechanism.

Bench Dog 40-001 is portable and compact compared to other router tables. You can easily replace and can easily fit it anywhere in few minutes only. You can quickly take it outside for any replacement for other purposes.

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

Most of the professionals use this router table because of its performance and accuracy. It also comes with fencing that allows you to quickly work with the larger boards. The boards you use while working will be stable because of its sturdiness.

In this table, one can easily mount the routers because the cabinet opens up automatically for mounting purpose. Now let’s look at the things we like and don’t for this machine.

Things We Liked
  • The parts used are of excellent quality.
  •  You can quickly assemble it without any trouble.
  • Also, you can easily take it around.
Things We Didn't Like
  • You can face difficulty in switching on and off the router.
  • It is not tall enough, so the great workers can face difficulty using the system.
  • There are no holes for any height adjustments. Therefore, the new holes should be drilled for height adjustments.

This router table is pretty compact and portable for the workspace. You can easily assemble and move it around the work area. So you can choose this machine as it is one of the best available right now.

4. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Bosch RA1171 is an awesome choice among the top router tables. It is popular because of its compact size and its ability to work without noise. It allows you to cut the wooden surface with utmost precision without any mess.

This is designed to work with several routers quickly. It has a comfortable cabinet that helps to collect the dust in the engine. This router table is attractive because of its cabinet design that can perform many different tasks. There is tall aluminum fencing that has face plates made from MDF.

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

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The surface size of Bosch RA1171 is 25″ * 15.5″, which is not considered as standard size. Other popular options are similar to adjustable feather boards and the mounting plate. This mounting plate can bear high pressure as it is strong enough and powerful.

Things We Liked
  • You can easily assemble and adjust this table.
  • It is also easy to level the plates.
  • The specially designed cabinet allows reducing the noise.
  • There is an aluminum plate pre-drilled for different routers.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The surface area is not big enough to easily work with this machine.
  • One cannot control speed set easily.

There is also support for dust collection and dual outlet switch. Similar to other router tables, it also comes with necessary accessories for setting up the routers of various brands. You can easily mount the other routers within minutes.

In short, Bosch RA1171 is one of the best choices for one who is looking for compactness. But you have to compromise with the surface area, but there is no lack of performance. Also, you can easily save your money too.

5. Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

This is one of the great choices among the best router tables in the market. It is designed for the professionals, but you have to pay more than the standard rates. It doesn’t compromise on the performance, quality, and precision of the woodworking.

Kreg PRS1040 router table system comes with a fully enclosed aluminum fence. This allows you to precisely cut the wooden pieces. Also, you will have the benefits of MDF top and micro-dot surface area.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

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Also, Kreg PRS1040 offers a decent work surface area and also compatibility isn’t the issue. All types of router tables are compatible with this machine. Also, you can easily assemble any Kreg router table system.

Things We Liked
  • It is easy to assemble this router system.
  • Holes are perfectly line up.
  • The stand of the router table is strongly built.
  • Strong fences that are easy to align.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some parts of the system are weak.
  • It has a higher cost compared to other router tables.

Other popular features include better alignment and lack of noise and vibration. The plates can work with any router and is very helpful. You can also use the tables as vertical jointer with the help of individual fences. Also, this it is very durable and long lasting.

In short, Kreg PRS1040 Precision router table system is one of the professional choices. You can use this with any kind of router. Also, it would not require any additional hardware because it is a complete system.

6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

This is another professional router table from Kreg that comes at a reasonable price and exciting features. The surface area is 16″ * 24″, that is suitable for both large and small workshops. It wouldn’t be a mess while installing the system.

This table provides you with the best quality fences that are strongly built. It has good performance and also features aluminum fence on the top surface. This fence adjusts according to the boards, and if you want to use longer boards, then you can add extensions.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

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You can easily install any router with the help of insert plates at the center. Also, ensure to use the rings called Level-Loc to prevent the future accidents.

Things We Liked
  • It is very easy to adjust the fence in Kreg PRS2100 bench.
  • You can also quickly add the router in it.
  • The table is strongly built to avoid the vibration during work.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The fence used are of cheap quality.
  • The Miter gauge used in it is not properly manufactured.
  • Screws of plate leveling become loose after the usage.

This appliance is built with the fences that are strongly built to avoid any vibration. It is very stable and is consists of heavy duty steel that is durable. One can easily adjust the fence and also the total time required for assembling is very less.

In short,  Kreg PRS2100 Bench Router Table is an impressive choice among the best router tables. It costs less and on the other hand, provides powerful features and environment for wood routing.

7. COMBO Router Table – Bosch 1617EVSPK with Benchtop

Well, it’s always better to get Router with BenchTop Router Table because of multiple benefits that come when you opt for the combo pack.

The Router with Bosch RA1181 Bench Top is undoubtedly one of the fastest moving products across markets for innumerable reasons.

COMBO Router Table - Bosch 1617EVSPK with Benchtop

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It’s tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF Face Plates provides support for taller work pieces. It consists of a set of 3 mounting plates, which help in precision and accuracy.

Aluminum Top

The Die-Cast Aluminum Top provides durability, and the two adjustable feather boards provide additional guidance and kickback protection in Bosch router table. It goes along with most of the routers in the market.

Dust Collection

The dust-collecting vent does its job to the nick.


The only disappointing feature, if we may say so, is the surface of the table, which is wrapped and uneven. Even though that would create no disturbance as such, it needs a mention.

8. Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router Table

Looking for a horizontal, handy, within the budget router tables, then the Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router table is the best choice. Its 15-inch inside cabinet can accommodate any router.

It pretty much houses everything, an adjustable aluminum miter accessory track, a pre-drilled router insert plate, integral dust port, an enclosed birch plywood cabinet that collects dust and reduces noise

Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router Table

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Though it is compact and small, it’s unique forward offset router location and the dual –position Pro Fence provides for enough work surface as any other router table. The dual fence slots allow the fence to flip around for larger panels. Its exclusive twin steel rails provide support and firmness to the router. Its precision and durability provide versatility to complete any project.


By all means, it is one of the best products in the mid range, and any small drawbacks like manually opening the table door to switch off can be overlooked.

9. SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 is an affordable router table that comes pre-assembled so that you can save a lot of time on installation. It has two containers that can store necessary accessories and other parts. The cost of this machine is also not high.

As the SKIL RAS900 comes pre-assembled, you can save the time of installation. Also, it has feather boards at the top that helps for more accurate cutting. You can also use it for making the angled cuts. A starter pin is also included if you want to work with arched workpieces.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

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The surface area of Skil router table is not big enough, so you can easily install in small workshops also. The design of this router is strong like other machines and it helps in precise cutting of wood.

Things We Liked
  • There is a flat top that helps in easy cutting.
  • You can quickly set up this router table.
  • Price is not so high.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is difficult to plug in the router.
  • The surface area is small.

Ignoring the problem of a small working area, it is one of the best router tables. The mounting table can be used to install various routers in the system. Also, you can easily make the changes without any mess.

10. Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

This is one of the most affordable router tables amongst all the best ones. It’s simple but can be used for all the purposes of woodworking. The best feature of this machine is its smoother surface that helps for precisely cutting and edging.

Dremel 231 ShaperRouter Table

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With the help of this system, you will not face any difficulty in grooving or slitting the wooden items. It supports all type of tools and has the ability to deal with any type of irregular shape. Also, the Demel 231 shaper table does not require much space in your work area.

Things We Liked
  • It is made up of the solid material that makes it durable.
  • Also, the surface of this router table is smooth. This flat surface helps for the best experience in cutting and edging.
  • It is best suitable for a small work area.
Things We Didn't Like
  • You may face difficulty in cutting the hard wood because of low torque.
  • The plastic screws may get loose easily.
  • There is no dust collector in this router table that can make the surface dirty.

It is specially designed for working on the softer wooden material. Therefore, we don’t recommend you this machine if you are going to work on the hard material. Also, the dust will be an issue for this machine. So if you are new in this work, then you can go with this router table.

11. PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table

Porter Cable 698 bench top is again one of the best choices for the professionals and hobbyists. You can easily take the system from one place to the other. Also, accurate work can be done with this router table.

PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table

One issue with this router table is of compatibility because it cannot work with all the types of machines and tools. It doesn’t support all types of wood routers. Also, you may not be able to finish some project because of lack of accessories available in it.

Things We Liked
  • You will not face any difficulty to move the system in your work area.
  • It is comparatively cheaper than other router tables.
  • Made up of strong materials.
Things We Didn't Like
  • You may face difficulty in aligning the fences.
  • Also, you can unsteady movement from the side while working.
  • Miter slot is very rough.
  • Cheap and low-quality materials are used to make this machine.

In short, this one is sturdy, yet there are some drawbacks in the router table. You have to compromise on the quality and material for this appliance. Apart from this, it is one of the portable router tables available in the market.

12. Trim Router Table

Trim is small in size and one of the cheapest router tables in the current list. This machine is durable and made up of Vinyl, and it is strong enough to bear the pressure of hard materials. Its design is very simple, and it is very easy to use.

Trim Router Table

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This machine comes in small size, so it would be easy to carry it anywhere without it any mess. It is very much suitable those who want to work on the small projects. You can easily attach this machine on any other table with the help of pre-drilled holes. You can even consider Craftsman Router Table if you are interested.

Things We Liked
  • The money you spent on this machine is worth its features.
  • There are pre-drilled holes that help you to attach it anywhere.
  • It is best suitable for trim work.
  • This machine is stable and doesn’t wobble.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There is a large gap between the fences.
  • The surface is not so good that spoil the appearance of the system.

There is also dust collector present at the base of this table. In conclusion, the Trim router table is for the beginners and not for the professionals. If you are new in woodworking, then we will suggest this machine.

Now that we have discussed the top 10 router table let’s see why to buy the router tables. In the further section, we will discuss more here and also guide you on how to choose the best one.

13. Bench Dog 40-110 ProCabinet Router Table

The Bench Dog 40-110 Router Table is one of the most robust and durable router tables, the reason being its cast iron built.

Though the table is bulkier than a usual one, it makes for a strong work environment and also reduces the vibrations. It is more suitable for smaller workshops.

Bench Dog 40-110 ProCabinet Router Table

Cast Iron Build

The table is much heavier than your average table, which minimizes vibrations making for a more stable working environment. Despite being a solid table, it is pretty much compact and doesn’t take a lot of space, something you’d consider if you have a small workshop.

Bench Dog 40-110 features a good dust collection system, and the router plate can be perfectly leveled with the given ten adjustment points.

BenchDog ProCabinet

The table comes with BenchDog ProCabinet which uses a cantilevered gripping system to hold the fence in position. The fence is rigid and locks down perfectly.

ProCabinet is built of solid aluminum and has independently adjustable sub fence faces.


There are no major drawbacks that can be chalked down for this table. However, two minor drawbacks that can be mentioned. Firstly,  it is a relatively bulkier table owing to its cast iron built and hence mounting becomes difficult. Secondly, no attached router plate is given. It needs to be purchased separately which invokes additional cost.

14. Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table

As you can see here this one comes with a collection of fabulous Accessories! The Kreg Complete Router Table Package offers Precision router table along with fence system, setup bars, on/off switch, micro adjuster and 4 KREG casters.

This is hands down one of the best router tables we have reviewed so far. It’s designed to perfection. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this table is the best one could ask for.

Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table

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Easy Assembling
The table comes with a well-defined instruction booklet, which makes assembling and understanding the functioning of the table very easy. Our router can be fixed onto the table as it has got pre-drilled slots on it.
The one of a kind T- Square fence of the table is well crafted with closed chambers. The T-Square comes with a manual adjusting lever, which enables the fence to stay alongside the Miter-Gauge slot. The high edges of the enclosure also make it good regarding dust collection.
The only drawback of this table would be assembling all of it using the assembling booklet by oneself. Though a step wise assembling process is given, it takes up almost an entire day in doing it.
Keeping all this in mind,  if you are searching for the best router table in town, undoubtedly, this one is for you.

15. JESSEM Mast-R-Lift with Complete Router Table System

JESSEM Mast-R-Lift offers more than desired. It works as an industrial router table compactly. It can be used to its capacity both at a job site and at a workshop.

JESSEM Mast-R-Lift with Complete Router Table System

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MDF Bands

The table top is made of noise resistant MDF bands which also minimizes the vibrations and provides sturdiness. The high-pressure laminate enables to slide workpieces across the surface.

The Precision Router Table’s plates can support any router. Three levels of Lock rings are used for porter cable style guide brushings. Any router can be mounted on the plate as it has laser engraved markings on the underside.


An added feature in this table is the newly designed aluminum fence with quarter-turn locking levers which provide for fence adjustment and locking.

The noise absorbing MDF table top with a sturdy steel base provides a peaceful work environment than most other enclosed router tables.

Although the router table provides all it can within its budget, its handling is a little difficult for amateurs and novices as many adjustments and corrections need to be made before one starts working on it and it might seem confusing.

These were our picks for the best router tables reviews. Now it is your turn to choose the best one available in the market!

What is the best Router Table?

It is a woodworking machine that is used for wood routing, molding, and cutting. You can also use this tool to shape edges and for other purposes. With the help of router table, you can easily cut and shape the wooden articles.

These tools come in a rigid design and can be used for many joint operations. It helps you to increase the performance and accuracy of your work. Also, they offer security and sturdiness while routing or cutting the wood. You can have full control by working easily with your both hands if you have a wood router.

Why Should You Have a Router Table?

There are some things you can do with the router table because of its compatibility and portability. It can make your wood working projects easily without any difficulty. You can easily cut or edge the wooden pieces with the help of router table.

Why Should You Have a Router Table

The best thing about this machine is that it provides stability while you are working with the heavy materials. Router tables can easily bear the pressure and make the work more precise and with ease. Also, it is very safe to work on it because of its stability.

While working on this machine, both of your hands are free, so you can have better control over the routing process. So, it is very easy to concentrate on molding the wooden articles. Router table makes work much easier than freehand routing.

In short, router tables are the best choice for better precision and cutting. Also, there are very fewer chances of an accident while working on such machines because of its stability. Whether you are professional, hobbyists or newbie, you can easily use this machine without any difficulty.

How to Choose the Best Router Table?

If you are into woodworking field and you are going to buy the best router table, then you must know few things. So, here we are going to discuss some of the features of router table that will surely help you to buy the router table according to your needs.

How to Choose the Best Router Table

  • Top surface: It is very important to buy the router table that has the solid and flat top surface. More the powerful surface, more it will be easy to work with the harder material.

Make sure there are no bumps on the top surface, as it may result in wrong cutting or edging.

Choose the router table that has a top surface made up of MDF material. MDF is the best choice available in the market as it is more durable and strong. You can also use MDF at the top surface with melamine.

  • Adjustable Fence: The fence is also another important part of the router table. The fence should be easily adjustable to make the cutting easier and precise. You should choose the tables that have a fence made up of MDF.

You can also use melamine at the top of MDF to increase its durability.There are two types of fences available i.e. one piece and two piece fences.

The two-piece fence is more preferred, but they also require more care. Whichever fence you select, you must install it with care to avoid an accident.

  • Dust Collector: A router table must have dust collector to collect the dust which is produced while cutting the wooden parts. There is a lot of dust is produced in the workspace area. To collect this, you can use a decent dust collector that comes with it.
  • Stable base: The base of the router table should be strong enough to bear the pressure of hard or heavy materials. If the base of the system is not strong, then it may become unstable while applying high pressure. Also, make sure that the base is made up durable items.
  • Base plate should be rigid and flat: You have to choose such router tables which have plates that are compatible with most of the routers. Also, choose such plates that are strong enough to work on the heavy products. You must avoid the plate of one size that fits in all the machines.


A router table is a stationary woodworking machine used to shape or cut the area of relatively hard material like wood. Here, we discussed the best one available in this article.

If you are into woodworking, the router table is a blessing for you. You can use this for many purposes like shape edges, cut slots and also to create moldings. According to some of the woodworking professionals, router tables are the best accessories out there.

You can easily use this tool whether you are a newbie or a professional. Router table helps you to increase the performance and accuracy of your work. There are a large number of such machines available in the market to choose from according to your needs. And if you are using Plunge Router then I would suggest to always go with the good brand.

Also, router tables are very convenient woodworking tools. These tools are very popular nowadays among the workers. They are popular because of their rigid design and for other joinery operations.

In this article, we have compiled a collection of the top router tables for woodworking lovers and also for professionals. In addition to that, we will try to solve doubts regarding the best one by reviewing them and their importance. We reviewed the top 15 router table according to your needs and budget.

You must avoid the plate of one size that fits in all the other systems. Because such plates are not that strong to work with the heavier materials. Therefore, base plate should be used that provide more protection while working.

In short, you should know above things and features of the router table before purchasing. You must select the one which has the things according to your need. It’s also important to know the check the durability and warranty of the system you buy.

By this, we have reached the end of the article on Best Router Table Reviews 2019 – Top 15 Recommendation. We hope that you are clear with the information on the router tables.